Welcome to the City of Wilmington Department of Public Works (DPW) Online Permitting Site. This site is a secure, web-based system that allows registered users to apply for, check the status of, and pay for certain types of Right-of-Way Permits.

At the present time, this site is being used for two types of permits: Roadway Cut Permits and Street Closing Permits.

Roadway Cut Permit

A Roadway Cut Permit is required any time a City-owned street is cut into, whether it is for utility maintenance, repairs, or emergencies. Specifically, it is required when the proposed cut is within the street itself (curb to curb). If a cut is in the sidewalk only, a Roadway Cut Permit is not required. However, if the cut extends from the sidewalk into the street, a Roadway Cut Permit is required.

Street Closing Permit

A Street Closing Permit is required for any work within the Right-of-Way that results in a lane closure or otherwise impedes traffic in any way. This could include sidewalk work, temporary dumpsters, overhead work on traffic signals, street lights, etc.

To register for a user account and apply for a permit, click here. All users need to be registered contractors with the City of Wilmington. If you have questions about the registration process please contact Licenses & Inspections at (302)576-3030.

Previous Roadway Cut Management System

Users of the previous may still access current permits in that system until their completion or experation by going to this website. The website will be shutdown later this year.

Please help the DPW enforce this new legislation

Excavators and contractors are required to have their permit number available at the job site (with the exception of emergency work in which case a permit may be obtained after the fact). If you witness non-permitted work activities, please notify the DPW by email at or phone at (302)576-3060. A list of permitted job sites can be found here.

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